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Welcome, this is the icon/graphic journal of seventhsymbol. Feel free to friend me. In fact, I encourage it. That way you can see all the updates :) If I don't friend you back, don't be offended. I don't read personal journals here... I just use this for graphic community/journals/requests.
If you clicked a link and landed here, it means you found something I made. You're welcome to use it as long as you give credit to me as the maker. I also take requests. See below :) Looking for Colorbars?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read my userinfo for information before running rampant :) I took all the info out of this first entry and put it there so it wasn't redundant.

Have a Request? You've Come to the Right Place! All requests filled!

I'm going to be taking Icon requests (or just general requests for photoshoppy type stuff). I do still and animations. I can do FO banners, I love doing colorbars, and anything else you can think up.

I don't limit how many requests you have, but if you have more than one and there's others on the list, I'll do one for you, one for someone else, then come back to you.

If for some reason it's URGENT. Please let me know. And do this honestly, because you'll be sacrificing my sleep/hubby time :D

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Note: After someone has picked up their request, I will either screen the request, or all of the request but the finished product. This is an effort to save loading times on people bringing up the page. (Just because I have a low amount of visible comments, don't worry, this journal is active.)

Updated 8/21/06: Going to be at Disneyland until 8/23/06, will try to take care of requests after park, but not sure about internet access as we're staying up there. Will DEFINITELY finish any remaining requests once I return.
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For those of you who haven't figured it out, I'm out of commission until further notice. I'm working three jobs, so I really don't have time to get on the internet. I'm hoping this new job I've applied to will ease things a little, only time will tell.
I feel insanely unreliable to my fans.. so all I can is I'm sorry, a million times over.
Happy Easter all,


If you'd like to affiliate, just drop me a comment. :) Also, if you have a banner and I missed it, let me know!

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With banners:

Just a heads up

Movers are coming to pack up my house Thursday and Friday. And since I don't trust them to not accidentally pack the computer, I'm unplugging and hiding it and the TV until this fiasco is over. I will have my internet back etc by Friday evening at the latest. In the meantime, I apologize about my absence and there will be a small delay on requests.

Much love!

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That's right folks, I actually won an award! Two!
Major props/thanks to Amanda for being the creativity that helps make up Team Lishanda ;)

Awarded 8/8/06:

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3rd place: [info]kyleia

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Thanks for all the support guys! I have a few batches waiting to upload, so be on the lookout.


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