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kyleia's Journal

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Kyleia's Graphics - All Requests Filled!
8 September
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Welcome, this is the icon journal of lishikins/seventhsymbol. I fought with the idea of making this a journal or community and in the end I think (for now anyways) it's best off as a journal. Please feel free to friend me, I encourage it-- If I don't friend you back it's because I don't read friends-lists on this. But definitely keep me friended for updates! My personal journal is now seventhsymbol.

If you like my graphics, please recommend me to your friends!

I'm a 23, have two adorable kids..er..dogs, and married to a Marine. Our three year anniversary is coming up soon, and I'm moving to paradise to live with him :) I have alot of spare time, and a few years back I got into graphic design for fun. I love it! I do icons, banners, colorbars, or anything else you can think of. Please request from me! It's my favorite thing to do. I work as a web designer doing pro-bono work right now to build my portfolio, and I'm also a freelance photographer.

Yes, I do take requests. At this moment, the request form is located here. I do icons, animations, colorbars.. just about anything. PLEASE let me stress something. When I do a request, I am working on an icon for YOU. If you don't like ANY part of it, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings, just tell me. If it's moving a line, changing a font, totally redoing it, I don't care. I want YOU to be happy with it. So please. Don't be like "oh uh thanks"... be like "hey can you change this and do this" .. I'd rather you walk away loving it than be worried about hurting my feelings.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not steal my icons. Meaning, if you take an icon, make sure to credit me as the maker. Textless icons can be considered bases BUT... you MUST give me credit for the base. AND you must comment to let me know that you're taking them. Also. If I explicitly say they are not to be used as bases, please respect my wishes. I just wanna know where they're going and which ones you like. Also.. when you finish with the base, leave me a comment to let me see what you've done! I'm curious! :D I'm not mean, I swear. I'd just rather know that you're taking :) Long story short: Credit! Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

I prefer that you put kyleia in the keywords or comments of the icon. Honorable mentions in userinfo (SEE BANNER BELOW!), and/or putting "Kyleia" into your interests is also very welcome. That way if someone likes it, they can come back to me, or take it & share the love. If you still have no idea how to credit, either ask me, or try this link.

I prefer that you comment me and let me know which icons your taking and/or you like. Let's me know what to do more like in the future. I'm not a nazi about it, so even commenting and saying you're taking some makes me all warm and fuzzy :D

Constructive criticism is permitted. "You suck" is not. I do have self esteem, you know.

If you DO take an icon, DO NOT DIRECT LINK. Meaning, save it to your computer and then upload it to LJ. Don't just copy the web address :) I don't have unlimited bandwidth. I have to pay for it. Thanks!
EDIT: Exceptions to these are colorbars, and/or if I specifically tell you you can link from my site.

If you're here because of a colorbar I made, I'm putting them all in memories in case you want some (this will be done eventually, lol). If you can't find it, feel free to ask for the image or the link. I keep everything. EVERYTHING :D I also take requests if you'd like one of your own. Please provide images & what colors you want. I can do the rest. I also do gradient colorbars. Request Here

Types of graphics that are on the "To Do" list. (Requests always come first, though)
~Eliza Dushku
~Disney Sketches
If you'd like to add any ideas to this, just leave me a comment or drop me an email :)

You can now find the resources **HERE**.

If you'd like to affiliate, just drop me a comment here. :) Also, if you have a banner and I missed it, let me know!

Without Banners:
icondesign, seasonal_icons, colourburst, paper_designs, hundredxhundred, request4banners, ejp_icons, wd_lims, auanne, amethystia, basic_icontest, big_graphics, bwcolour_stills, resourcelove, rickman_stills, ecenoci, _lushkink, wd_icontest, disneylinked, banners_wanted, asirenscarousel, iconstillness

With banners:

All my work comes from requests. It's my *favorite* thing to do. !! PLEASE promote me in your friends, communities, whatever... PIMP ME OUT DANGIT! ... lol. As stated above, putting "kyleia" in interests is always great, or I just made this banner you can use. :)

Image with Link (No Text):

Image with Linking Text:

Affiliate Bar


I think that's it. Oh yeah. ENJOY! :) I'll add to this as I think of things.
Also, I'm cool with you using the icons I make for GJ or AIM or MSN or Yahoo or whatever floats your boat :) Just Credit Credit Credit! :D


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